As Consultancy Company

General Services

  • Analysis Service for Participation in EU Projects
  • Consultancy Service for Ongoing EU Funded Projects
  • Training for Building Expertise in EU R&D Funds and Establishing the EU Funded Project Management Process
  • Representation of the Client


  • Search for potential projects that the Client can participate in and are relevant to their areas of interest, as well as conducting preliminary discussions with coordinators for these potential projects

Services for New Projects to be Applied

  • Supporting the preparation and compilation of all required documentation for the projects to be applied for, including application forms, supporting documents, and budget justifications

As Project Partner

Dissemination & Communication

  • Social Media Management: Engaging content, outreach, and audience building.
  • Brand Communication: Crafting a compelling project narrative.
  • Event Coordination: Expertly organizing meetings, workshops, and events.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Building advisory boards and stakeholder analysis.
  • Standardization: Ensuring project compliance with industry standards.

IPR Management

  • Intellectual Property Tracking: Vigilant monitoring of inventions.
  • Patent Search: Comprehensive searches for informed decisions.
  • Publication Control: Safeguarding knowledge prior to patent application.
  • IPR Portfolio Management: Expertly managing your project’s intellectual assets.
  • Technological Watch: Staying ahead with ongoing technological surveillance.

Supporting Project Management

  • Project Oversight: Assisting in effective project management.
  • Quality Management: Maintaining high standards throughout project execution.