About Us

At Intract, we are a team of dedicated experts, each specializing in diverse fields. Our consultancy group is composed of professionals with extensive experience, bringing a wealth of knowledge to the table.

Who We Are

We are a committed team focused on delivering outstanding consultancy services. Our experts thrive in dynamic industries, leveraging their rich experience to meet the unique challenges faced by our clients.

What We Do

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Our EU Projects

As a seasoned partner in EU-funded projects, we take pride in our transformative initiatives that have left a lasting impact on diverse sectors. Explore our dynamic project portfolio, showcasing our commitment to excellence, collaboration, and sustainable solutions.

Clients’ EU Projects

Discover the collaborative ventures empowered by our expert consultancy. Our dedication to excellence has propelled our clients into a realm of successful EU-funded projects. Here’s a snapshot of some noteworthy endeavors where our guidance made a significant impact.

To discuss potential project ideas for Horizon Europe, EUREKA and Era.
Net call, please contact euprojects@intract.com.tr